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Kangdian Shangchai series adopts Shanghai New Power Automotive Technology The series of power station diesel engines (Chinese famous brand products and Chinese well-known trademarks) are equipped as power, with a standard self starting type and optional ATS switching cabinet to form a self starting and self switching unit. The unit has the characteristics of high voltage regulation accuracy, good dynamic performance, small voltage waveform distortion, high efficiency, reliable operation, long service life, and good economic performance. The unit is equipped with a complete set of maintenance free battery starting system, and users only need to inject oil and coolant, and connect the negative voltage After the pole switch, the unit can be started and output power, greatly improving the convenience of use. Our company is the only OME supporting unit in the Chongqing region.

1. Reasonable design and excellent manufacturing, suitable for harsh working conditions, strong ability for high intensity and heavy load operations.
2. Holset exhaust bypass valve for better power performance.
3. The integrated design of parts such as cylinder blocks and cylinder heads has multiple functions, reducing the number of connecting parts by 40% compared to other similar engines, greatly reducing the failure rate.
4. Excellent reliability adopts forged steel camshafts and crankshafts, with a high-strength cylinder body design. Many parts are cast on the cylinder body, with high stiffness, strong high-pressure resistance, and longer service life.
5. The rotor high-pressure fuel pump has less energy loss, stronger power, lower fuel consumption, and effectively reduces noise.

"Kangdian Company" has independent legal personality and the right to independently sign contracts. It is an enterprise that focuses on technology development and produces and assembles generator sets and related supporting products. The company has developed two series of land-use generator sets and marine generator sets. Among them, the marine generator set has passed the China Classification Society (CCS) certification.
Kangdian mainly has 3KW-2000KW diesel generator sets (common type, self-starting type, low-noise type, trailer power station, remote centralized monitoring type and other diesel generator sets), and there are 110 specifications and 260 types of diesel generator sets. For users to choose, especially the newly launched 21st century KD-XST generator set, which adopts control modules imported from the United States and Britain. With full digital display, it has various automatic protection functions. The technicians of "Kangdian Company" can provide more accurate and effective pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale technical support and technical services to users all over the world at any time.
Relying on good business reputation and development potential, the company has domestic diesel engines with Wuxi Power, Cummins, Henan Heavy Industry (Deutz), Weichai Deutz, Weichai Baudouin, Shanghai Stock, Yuchai; foreign diesel engines with Mercedes-Benz, Germany MAN (BMW), Perkins, Volvo, American John Deere, Korea Daewoo; generators and Wuxi New Era Stanford, Jiangsu Alma Technology Co., Ltd., China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (Siemens), Wuxi Faraday Motor Co., Ltd., Shanghai Marathon We have established long-term friendly cooperative relations with domestic and foreign famous companies. And become their OEM supporting factory and special maintenance point.
Our business philosophy is "products are like character, be a person first and then do business", with the purpose of meeting the different needs of users, with a sincere reputation and a complete supporting system, we are the only leader in the Chongqing market.


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